"Christine was so helpful in getting our baby to sleep in her crib and learn to do so independently. Our challenge was that our baby would only nap in our arms, and once we stopped swaddling her she refused to sleep in her bassinet even at night! After a few too many nights taking turns holding her, we knew something had to change.  We didn’t hesitate to get started working with her, and my stress level dropped immediately knowing we were in good hands and on our way to a real solution. I know there are many sleep consultants out there and it can be hard to discern who can truly get you results, but Christine is the real deal and the best. Work with her and you won’t regret it!"
"What a tremendous resource! In literally a week, our child went from getting up every three hours at night, to a full 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Every child is different, so I obviously can't promise exactly the same results; I can, however, promise that engaging Christine will save your sanity, benefit your child, and fit in with your parenting and feeding goals. She provides personalized service, constant communication, and helpful practices to address all sleep issues. We're so lucky to have found her and would highly, highly recommend to all.
We cannot thank Christine enough. Our almost 5 year old had never been a good sleeper. Bedtime was always a struggle and she always came to sleep with us during the night. Christine set up a plan and our consistency has been rewarded with as easy bedtime routine, early bedtime, and our daughter no longer comes out of her room multiple times a night! Thank you, Christine!

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